About Us

About Fortune Hair Extensions

FORTUNE HAIR EXTENSIONS, LLC was founded in December 2015. The owner travelled to different areas in Cambodia, such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and some other places to establish relationships that allows us to acquire Cambodian hairs.

FORTUNE HAIR EXTENSIONS, LLC also have representatives in India that supplies Indian hairs.


At FORTUNE HAIR EXTENSIONS, LLC, we only provide 100% unprocessed raw Cambodian and Indian Hairs. Here at FORTUNE HAIR EXTENSIONS, LLC we take pride in our products, our hair extensions are excellently healthy with a natural soft feel. We ensure that every product meet our highest standard. The bundles are neatly weft there by making it ready for installation.


Fortune hair extensions have no fillers, have no plastic hairs, no chemicals added, cuticles are in the same direction which makes it a tangle free hair, our hair wears and washes with ease. Our hairs are full to the ends.

Hair last as long as you want it, proper installation helps maintain the firm weft while co-washing the hair helps maintain the luster.


Our hair is 100% purest high quality so it can last for many years.